Best Action Camera For Travel 2018

Every year thousands of people from Ireland and the UK go traveling in various parts of the world. People from all ages go traveling and are attracted to different places depending on what they are looking for and at what stage they are in their life. Younger people tend to travel to more party destinations such as Thailand whilst people in their late 20’s and early 30’s tend to go off the beaten track a bit more to places like South America, Philippines and even Africa. No matter what age you are it is never too late to go traveling and often people in their early 30’s who have never done it feel like they have left it too late. This is a great tragedy and as someone who has traveled extensively over the last few years you definitely meet people of all ages and for the most part their is no judgement from this aspect.

A popular route I done many years ago was South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This is one of the most popular routes for people from Europe and it lived up to my expectations. Where I did fall down however was not having a proper camera with me. Instead I relied on the camera on my phone which was stolen in the first week of our trip. In hindsight I missed many good memories and there are perhaps things I don’t remember now that if I had some photos or a video it would be a good reminder of what was a great time in my life.

At the time action cameras were not that affordable but now you have companies like who sell affordable action cameras for under £100. For this price I for sure could have tapped into my travel budget and it would have been totally worth it. So that is one bit of advice and a great regret from my travels to all you people going out soon..enjoy.



What is an Android TV Box?

Are you currently thinking about cutting your cable cord? If this is the case, you shouldn’t hesitate! With one of the ingenious Android TV boxes, it is possible to replicate the features and channels of your television, without spending excessively. Below, you will learn about all of the things you can do with one of these tv box home screen

Watch Live TV

Most individuals are forced to pay for cable, because they want to stream and watch live television channels. This is no longer a problem. With an Android TV box, it is possible to do the same. Although it will depend on the box you purchase, an assortment of different channels will be available to you!

Stream TV Shows and Movies

If you want to be able to watch movies and television shows on demand, your Android box will allow you to do just that! Regardless of what you wish to watch, you’ll be able to quickly pick your poison and begin streaming the movie or show directly to your television.

Music And More

An assortment of other features is available, as well. For instance, you can play music directly from your television, by using your box. It is also possible to download and play video games! Turning your box into a DVR is another possibility.


At the end of the day, Android video boxes are more than capable of replicating all of the features and functions of your cable television. The best aspect of all is that you’ll be able to save heaps of money, by making the switch.

My thoughts on the Zgemma H2S

There has been a lot of talk about the Zgemma H2S in the last few months which is the upgrade to the Zgemma Star S2 which was one of the best satellite receivers in it’s price range when released. The Zgemma H2S is basically a faster version of the Star 2S which would lag when using the 7 day EPG or use the favorite channels list. So the Zgemma H2S is basically a faster version which much of the same functions. It is important to note that the Zgemma H2S is a twin tuner satellite receiver which means that you can record 1 channel and watch another. This is something which most other freesat receivers in this price range do not have such as the Openbox V9S.

zgemma h2s Another important note for my Irish readers is that the Zgemma H2S is a freesat receiver only which runs on DVB-S2 so therefore will not pick up Irish Saorview which is the Irish terrestrial TV stations. If you do need to get both freesat and saorview then you would need to get a combo box. Zgemma have their own combo receiver called the Zgemma H2H and this will be able to do both but of course it is not a twin tuner box as one of the tuners is used to pick up DVB-T or terrestrial TV. So I do highly recommend the H2S receiver as for the price it is a very good box.



Get an Unlocked Refurbished iPhone!

The new iPhone 7 has just been released and that really shakes up the market in the world of phones. It means that the price of the older iPhone’s must come down and also the phones that they are competing with such as Samsung, Nokia and HTC must become cheaper in order to compete. The other way to get your hands on a brand new phone is through signing a contract with a network but this can mean you are tied to that network for usually at least 1 year but in a lot of cases two years. That is quite a commitment for signing up for that price.

The best way to get around this is to get a refurbished iPhone that is unlocked from They offer almost new iPhone’s where usually the screen was broken and they repair it and sell it for a cheaper price. Everything is in perfect working order and comes with a warranty. Alternatively you could get a phone on the contract and get it unlocked over at for a small fee. These are two ways to get around buying an expensive new iPhone!

Tips For Correctly Placing Your CCTV Camera For Maximum Effectiveness

As the crime rate around the nation continues to rise, more and more homeowners have invested in security systems to enhance the overall security of their home. Security alarms are great, but you should also purchase a few CCTV cameras. These devices will give you the ability to monitor and record criminal activity, so the perpetrator can be prosecuted and locked away. Of course, it is pertinent to make sure your CCTV cameras are strategically located. Below, you’ll find tips for ensuring correct placement.

High And Hidden

Although you’ll want to make sure your cameras are capable of spotting the crook, it is best to ensure the crook is unable to spot your cameras. Cameras can be a good deterrence, but they can also become a target. If the criminal is able to reach your camera, he or she will simply destroy it and make it inoperable, before entering your home. Keep the camera off of the ground and concealed to prevent this from happening.

Maximum Coverage

Secondly, it is also important to make sure your camera is capable of monitoring as much space as possible. Don’t stick the camera in the corner, where it will be unable to spot criminals. Instead, it should be placed in the precise location in which the criminal will most likely attempt to make entry.

Do A Little Trimming

If you happen to live around trees and bushes, you’ll want to trim them down. Not only will this increase the visibility of your camera, but also it’ll help to eliminate hiding places. This will increase the effectiveness of your cameras, while decreasing the potential for a break-in. Also checkout bonus electronics for bluetooth speakers and CCTV camera deals.

Zoomtak Release The K5 Android TV Box

The Asian company Zoomtak have released their new K5 android TV box which allows streaming across multiple apps and media types. I happen to know one of the agents for Zoomtak and recently got one of the boxes to try out and I must say it is pretty impressive. The retail price on this box is around €120.00 which isn’t too bad although their are cheaper android tv boxes on the market.

K5 Zoomtak android tv boxThe thing that impressed me the most about the K5 android TV box was the quality of the box. It is very similar to the Apple TV box that is really popular everywhere but in my opinion it is actually more of a media centre than the Apple box. The only thing is that the interface is not as easy to use, well  say easy but  mean it is cumbersome to use more than difficult. In saying that though their are wireless keyboards available which you can use with the box. In my case I have an S3 mini android phone so I downloaded a free keyboard for android TV and that works fine so it is another option for my readers.

So how is this different to the numerous android TV boxes on the market? Well I have been told that Zoomtak run their own servers so there is less chance of them being brought down thus rending your android TV box useless. Zoomtak seem like a big company so this is another plus of using them.


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