Tips For Correctly Placing Your CCTV Camera For Maximum Effectiveness

As the crime rate around the nation continues to rise, more and more homeowners have invested in security systems to enhance the overall security of their home. Security alarms are great, but you should also purchase a few CCTV cameras. These devices will give you the ability to monitor and record criminal activity, so the perpetrator can be prosecuted and locked away. Of course, it is pertinent to make sure your CCTV cameras are strategically located. Below, you’ll find tips for ensuring correct placement.

High And Hidden

Although you’ll want to make sure your cameras are capable of spotting the crook, it is best to ensure the crook is unable to spot your cameras. Cameras can be a good deterrence, but they can also become a target. If the criminal is able to reach your camera, he or she will simply destroy it and make it inoperable, before entering your home. Keep the camera off of the ground and concealed to prevent this from happening.

Maximum Coverage

Secondly, it is also important to make sure your camera is capable of monitoring as much space as possible. Don’t stick the camera in the corner, where it will be unable to spot criminals. Instead, it should be placed in the precise location in which the criminal will most likely attempt to make entry.

Do A Little Trimming

If you happen to live around trees and bushes, you’ll want to trim them down. Not only will this increase the visibility of your camera, but also it’ll help to eliminate hiding places. This will increase the effectiveness of your cameras, while decreasing the potential for a break-in. Also checkout bonus electronics for bluetooth speakers and CCTV camera deals.

The Top 3 Smart Phones for 2016

Given the new range of phones that have come on to the market since the start of 2016 we decided to do our 6 month round up of the best new smart phones of 2016. We know that no one is going to agree on every top 5 selection we do so rather than list them 1 – 5 we have just decided to name our favorite 5 in no particular order and you the reader can make up them up whichever way you see fit.

So let us start with the obvious..the iPhone 6 Plus. With a much needed extended battery life on previous models the iPhone 6 offers a larger screen and an amazing new camera. The only draw back is we feel that the software is starting to become a bit out dated when compared with android. Also it is obviously quite expensive unless you want to get a refurbished iphone!

Our next favourite phone is the Galaxy S7 Edge. With a lovely new design and wireless charging Samsung have really taken a leap into the future with this model of phone. Personally I feel this is the best smart phone on the market but that is just my opinion. It also really depends on whether you are a fan of android or IOS operating systems as this will often seal the deal on which phone you think is best.

The HTC 10 also has a strong say in being the best smart phone of 2016 as it too offers a slick design, state of the art Camera and strong battery life. Ultimately we feel that a phone can reflect your personality and that is why there will never be one best smart phone on the market but an array of 3 – 5 of the top brands. If you feel we have missed anything then feel free to email us and we can always add to the list for the second half of 2016!


WIFI Repeaters – A Comprehensive Guide For Consumers

Do you consistently find your WIFI signal dropping out, as you roam about your home? Although the problem may be directly linked to your ISP or your specific device, it could also be a WIFI signal problem. Your wireless router might not be powerful enough to be able to effectively transmit the signal throughout the entirety of your home. With this in mind, you may want to try improving the range, by utilizing one of the market’s WIFI repeaters. These products will be explored in greater depth below. You can test your strength like shown on this link to get the most from your network.

The Differences

First and foremost, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the differences between Boosters and Repeaters. Although they can basically achieve the same goal, they’ll do so in a different manner. Below, you’ll learn about the specifics of each. A Wi-Fi repeater, which may also be referred to as an extender, will capture your current signal, increase its power and transmit it back out. With this device, it is possible to double the span of your signal, so you can access the Internet throughout your home and eliminate dead zones.

The booster is basically the same and follows a similar principle, in order to extend your Wi-Fi range. Generally, the only difference associated with the two is the name, which is set in stone by the manufacturer.

WIFI repeaterHow It Works

So, how does this device work? Well, a repeater actually utilizes two wireless routers. One is responsible for obtaining your existing signal and the other transmits the signal. Once the device has been able to capture your home’s WIFI signal, it’ll boost the signal and send it back out. This will effectively extend your home’s WIFI signal immensely and will help to eliminate dead zones in your home.

Two Networks

Remember that your WIFI repeater will actually establish two networks in your home. You’ll have your original network, which is established by your traditional router and you will have a brand new network, which can be associated with the repeater. In order to take advantage of the extended range, you’ll need to connect to your WIFI through the network, which has been boosted by your repeater.

Simple Setup

Almost all Wi-Fi repeaters are very easy to setup. In fact, you can pair the device with your existing wireless router and complete the installation process in a matter of minutes. Many of these devices are embedded with software that makes this process so easy, by doing most of the work for you. The location will play a huge role in the extension range, but again the technology integrated in these devices allows for powerful 360 degree Wi-Fi coverage. Now, you can pretty much set the device in area of your home and still receive the same coverage, as guaranteed by the manufacturer.


As with any electronic device, you need to shop for Wi-Fi repeaters that offer compatibility with your existing wireless routers. Most of market brands offer universal compatibility, which means that they will virtually work with any network or electronic device. If you need an extended Wi-Fi range, you could potentially benefit from one of the extender such as the universal repeater from, plus you could possibly see an increase in speed, as well.


All in all, there is an abundance of individuals, who could benefit immensely from a WIFI repeater. Just remember to take your time and find the right one for your specific situation! As long as the extender delivers plenty of range and will work in conjunction with your router, you should be fine.

Android TV Boxes – What Can They Do?

Are you currently thinking about cutting your cable cord? If this is the case, you shouldn’t hesitate! With one of the ingenious Android TV boxes, it is possible to replicate the features and channels of your television, without spending excessively. Below, you will learn about all of the things you can do with one of these tv box home screen

Watch Live TV

Most individuals are forced to pay for cable, because they want to stream and watch live television channels. This is no longer a problem. With an Android TV box, it is possible to do the same. Although it will depend on the box you purchase, an assortment of different channels will be available to you!

Stream TV Shows and Movies

If you want to be able to watch movies and television shows on demand, your Android box will allow you to do just that! Regardless of what you wish to watch, you’ll be able to quickly pick your poison and begin streaming the movie or show directly to your television.

Music And More

An assortment of other features is available, as well. For instance, you can play music directly from your television, by using your box. It is also possible to download and play video games! Turning your box into a DVR is another possibility.


At the end of the day, Android video boxes are more than capable of replicating all of the features and functions of your cable television. The best aspect of all is that you’ll be able to save heaps of money, by making the switch.

Zoomtak Release The K5 Android TV Box

The Asian company Zoomtak have released their new K5 android TV box which allows streaming across multiple apps and media types. I happen to know one of the agents for Zoomtak and recently got one of the boxes to try out and I must say it is pretty impressive. The retail price on this box is around €120.00 which isn’t too bad although their are cheaper android tv boxes on the market.

K5 Zoomtak android tv boxThe thing that impressed me the most about the K5 android TV box was the quality of the box. It is very similar to the Apple TV box that is really popular everywhere but in my opinion it is actually more of a media centre than the Apple box. The only thing is that the interface is not as easy to use, well  say easy but  mean it is cumbersome to use more than difficult. In saying that though their are wireless keyboards available which you can use with the box. In my case I have an S3 mini android phone so I downloaded a free keyboard for android TV and that works fine so it is another option for my readers.

So how is this different to the numerous android TV boxes on the market? Well I have been told that Zoomtak run their own servers so there is less chance of them being brought down thus rending your android TV box useless. Zoomtak seem like a big company so this is another plus of using them.


Leonardo DiCaprio Uses Selfie Stick – Cool After All?

The selfie stick which is something that I have gone back and forth with in my head over the last few months. At first I thought it was just another fad that would disappear soon but how wrong I was. At first they were kind of dorky I thought and not the coolest thing to be seen with it but that was before I had actually tried one. They are pretty cheap so I said I would order one from an Irish company selfie stick store and see what they are like. Well I got it the next day and I must say I have had great fun with it!

Leonardo uses a selfie stickI still wouldn’t be so sure of bringing them on a night out even though it fits in my pocket when folded up but I had great fun with my friends in the house taking group pictures. To be honest it actually does take great pictures and everyone was able to fit in nicely without having to wrestle each other which is what usually happens.

I then come online and see that Leonardo DiCaprio was seen using a selfie stick in New York so feel validated in my claims that the selfie stick is indeed cool and socially acceptable. If Leonardo DiCaprio uses something then it is instantly socially acceptable in my book!

Unless this was all just a marketing plot (which I don’t think it is! )then I don’t know what to say. Anyway I think most people who are against it haven’t actually tried it. Pick one up they are only about €20.00 so hardly breaking the bank!


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