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Best Action Camera For Travel 2018

Every year thousands of people from Ireland and the UK go traveling in various parts of the world. People from all ages go traveling and are attracted to different places depending on what they are looking for and at what stage they are in their life. Younger people tend to travel to more party destinations such as Thailand whilst people in their late 20’s and early 30’s tend to go off the beaten track a bit more to places like South America, Philippines and even Africa. No matter what age you are it is never too late to go traveling and often people in their early 30’s who have never done it feel like they have left it too late. This is a great tragedy and as someone who has traveled extensively over the last few years you definitely meet people of all ages and for the most part their is no judgement from this aspect.

A popular route I done many years ago was South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This is one of the most popular routes for people from Europe and it lived up to my expectations. Where I did fall down however was not having a proper camera with me. Instead I relied on the camera on my phone which was stolen in the first week of our trip. In hindsight I missed many good memories and there are perhaps things I don’t remember now that if I had some photos or a video it would be a good reminder of what was a great time in my life.

At the time action cameras were not that affordable but now you have companies like https://www.yicameras.co.uk/ who sell affordable action cameras for under £100. For this price I for sure could have tapped into my travel budget and it would have been totally worth it. So that is one bit of advice and a great regret from my travels to all you people going out soon..enjoy.