How Electric Scooters Can Help You De-Stress

Traffic is a major cause of stress for a lot of people. The daily grind of getting in and out of work in most cities around the world can be a nightmare. Many people choose to live in small towns just to avoid this stressful journey every day that can really eat into their lives. At the moment house prices in Dublin are again going up so many people are now commuting over an hour into work from surrounding counties but that is probably a topic for another day! Even the image below can cause stress to a lot of people who are in and out of traffic each day!

electric scooters

To get into work people are having to get up at 6.30am and sit in their cars an hour to and an hour from work in the evenings. This causes a lot of stress on top of our already stressful lives. So what is the solution? Well cycling as well as any form of exercise is known to relieve stress. Cycling is not for everyone and does require a level of fitness. But there is a no game in town which we think is really interesting and that is electric scooters. These 2 wheel scooters are powered by an electric motor and they are a great way to commute to work.

Not only will you not be stuck in your car but you will be out in the fresh air which is also proven to help relieve stress. Electric scooters are a really fun way to travel and just as we have encouraged people to cycle for those who are not physically able this is another great way to get out of the car. Even if it is part of the journey. Electric scooters can be folded up and carried with you so you could drive into the suburbs and use the electric scooter to complete your journey or even hop on the train and bring the scooter with you. We just think this is another good way of getting people out of the car which is shown to be one of the biggest causes of stress.  According to they are under €500 so very affordable and they also are eligible for the bike to work scheme.


Where to buy a safe Hoverboard for sale in Ireland?

The hoverboard is popping up all over social media again as it comes to the time of year to be buying presents. There has been both good and bad reviews of the hoverboards in the news going back as far as 2015 when they were first released. The problem with the boards is that they are made in China and thus the laws there are not as strict when it comes to the safety of the electronics. The hoverboards have a lithium battery that is of course rechargeable. The Chinese companies however were placing these batteries beside the motherboard which is not a good idea. If the batteries are left charging too long they will over heat and this can then cause the motherboard to catch fire. There has been numerous reports of this happening all over the world.

Amazingly these Chinese companies are still allowed sell the hoverboards but you should stay clear of these as it is just not worth the risk. When it comes to the hoverboards for sale in Ireland there are fortunately other options. Many companies offer the option of getting the board with an original Samsung batter which is 100% safe. Sure this may cost a bit extra but you can rest assured that they are safe. After all having your house burnt down over trying to save about €30 is not a very wise decision.

There are still companies here trying to sell the Chinese brand batteries so it is important to be vigilant. Many of these companies are in fact Chinese so they are not Irish at all even though they pretend to be. In fact on some popular forums such as Boards in Ireland people were saying that they ordered from these websites and there is no way to contact the company to get a refund. They had to go to Paypal directly to claim their money back. Always buy with an Irish company. You will get a warranty and you can pick up the phone if there are any issues.

My teeth whitening experience

coffeee teeth stains

I should probably start this post off with the obvious fact that I am indeed not a dentist but you guys knew that already. I drink a lot of coffee and I mean a lot of coffee. Because I work from home I am probably drinking 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day which is obviously not good but it gets me through the day. As a results I am pretty sure my breathe has gotten worse and also my teeth have gotten quite dark. My friend is a dental technician and he suggested that I go try a teeth whitening kit to see if they help my teeth come back to a lighter colour.

I have heard stories about teeth whiteing strips damaging teeth and people not using them right so I had a look online and found the company Glorysmile who have a range of natural product teeth whitening kits and strips. They are not that expensive so I said I would give them a go. I am not on day 5 of using the strips and I am not sure if it is in my head but I do think they look better than they did and I am less than half way through the recommend time of use of 14 days. You have to leave them on for 30 minutes per session which is quite annoying so I usually use them before bed. From what I read on their website the teeth whitening kits are faster to use and a bit stronger but as it is my first time I just wanted to be sure that they aren’t going to damage my teeth so I went for the strips.

With another 9 days of this to go I expect that they will have helped bring my teeth back to their normal whitish colour. I have cut down on coffee and chocolate to go a long with this however so I am sure that has played a part. Also if you are reading this and not sure whether to try them or not they also have a range of charcoal teeth whitening products that are all natural so maybe that is a good place to start.

Why everyone needs a dash cam

We recently put a dash cam into the front and rear of my car and already I have had an incident and have put the dash cam to use. In my local supermarket car park is it pretty much a free for all with peoples cars getting dented both from people reversing and also from people slamming their doors into the side of your car….this actually seems particularly common. Anyway I know that some people don’t take care, appreciate or look after their cars but that does not mean it is OK to slam your door into some elses car and then not even leave a message with your details.

So people have been encouraged to take matters into their own hands. After calling into the supermarket manager we were amazed to hear that there is in fact no CCTV in the car park. He also said that this happens several times a week with customers calling into him looking for footage. Maybe it is an idea for him to install a camera but regardless matters have been taken into our own hands.  This camera records 24/7 so if anyone clips the car or slams their door into the car and don’t leave a note we will have all of their details.

I am sorry to say that the biggest culprits of this are old women. They either don’t realise they have done it or they do and don’t care. Not to bash old women but when I worked in a supermarket years ago the biggest problem were also old women who played dumb when they were caught. Sure you would think it would be groups of young lads but that is pretty obvious and they are always kept an eye on but the older women not so much.

What is an Android TV Box?

Are you currently thinking about cutting your cable cord? If this is the case, you shouldn’t hesitate! With one of the ingenious Android TV boxes, it is possible to replicate the features and channels of your television, without spending excessively. Below, you will learn about all of the things you can do with one of these tv box home screen

Watch Live TV

Most individuals are forced to pay for cable, because they want to stream and watch live television channels. This is no longer a problem. With an Android TV box, it is possible to do the same. Although it will depend on the box you purchase, an assortment of different channels will be available to you!

Stream TV Shows and Movies

If you want to be able to watch movies and television shows on demand, your Android box will allow you to do just that! Regardless of what you wish to watch, you’ll be able to quickly pick your poison and begin streaming the movie or show directly to your television.

Music And More

An assortment of other features is available, as well. For instance, you can play music directly from your television, by using your box. It is also possible to download and play video games! Turning your box into a DVR is another possibility.


At the end of the day, Android video boxes are more than capable of replicating all of the features and functions of your cable television. The best aspect of all is that you’ll be able to save heaps of money, by making the switch.