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Get an Unlocked Refurbished iPhone!

The new iPhone 7 has just been released and that really shakes up the market in the world of phones. It means that the price of the older iPhone’s must come down and also the phones that they are competing with such as Samsung, Nokia and HTC must become cheaper in order to compete. The other way to get your hands on a brand new phone is through signing a contract with a network but this can mean you are tied to that network for usually at least 1 year but in a lot of cases two years. That is quite a commitment for signing up for that price.

The best way to get around this is to get a refurbished iPhone that is unlocked from refurbishediphones.ie. They offer almost new iPhone’s where usually the screen was broken and they repair it and sell it for a cheaper price. Everything is in perfect working order and comes with a warranty. Alternatively you could get a phone on the contract and get it unlocked over at theunlockshop.ie for a small fee. These are two ways to get around buying an expensive new iPhone!