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My teeth whitening experience

coffeee teeth stains

I should probably start this post off with the obvious fact that I am indeed not a dentist but you guys knew that already. I drink a lot of coffee and I mean a lot of coffee. Because I work from home I am probably drinking 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day which is obviously not good but it gets me through the day. As a results I am pretty sure my breathe has gotten worse and also my teeth have gotten quite dark. My friend is a dental technician and he suggested that I go try a teeth whitening kit to see if they help my teeth come back to a lighter colour.

I have heard stories about teeth whiteing strips damaging teeth and people not using them right so I had a look online and found the company Glorysmile who have a range of natural product teeth whitening kits and strips. They are not that expensive so I said I would give them a go. I am not on day 5 of using the strips and I am not sure if it is in my head but I do think they look better than they did and I am less than half way through the recommend time of use of 14 days. You have to leave them on for 30 minutes per session which is quite annoying so I usually use them before bed. From what I read on their website the teeth whitening kits are faster to use and a bit stronger but as it is my first time I just wanted to be sure that they aren’t going to damage my teeth so I went for the strips.

With another 9 days of this to go I expect that they will have helped bring my teeth back to their normal whitish colour. I have cut down on coffee and chocolate to go a long with this however so I am sure that has played a part. Also if you are reading this and not sure whether to try them or not they also have a range of charcoal teeth whitening products that are all natural so maybe that is a good place to start.