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Noise canceling headphones – What are they?

Do you need to turn the volume just to block out any external noise? It is not very good for your hearing—the noise-canceling headphones generally work to isolate & “remove” any unwanted sounds when preserving your original audio signal. It means you will be able to listen to the music, audio books, movies, and podcasts at lower volumes. However, before choosing your pair, it is very important to know what kind of noise cancellation you are looking for.

Different types of Noise Cancelling

The best bluetooth headphones make use of microphones, which can listen to the outside noise and circuitry that will analyze it & generate the counter signal. Such signal will do more than only blocking the noise, like the thick ear pads on the headphones (noise isolation). Best headphones work very well, and many owners can put them on and turn on its power, and do not have to listen to anything with them—only to enjoy silence.

noise cancelling headphones

Passive Noise Canceling Headphones

Even without electronics, over the ear headphones still can block out the majority of the outside noise with the aforementioned noise isolation that is at times referred as the passive noise canceling. So, you just require better fitting ear cups, which form the strong seal over your ears. And this list will focus on the active headphones.

Standard and Noise-Canceling

Although not always a case, the noise canceling headphones normally do not sound very good as the same price standard ones. The manufacturers prioritize more on the noise-canceling headphones that will interfere with the audio signal quality. Audiophiles generally will prefer the headphones without any noise cancellation, just to make sure that they get the right sound that is unaffected by the audio processing.


The technology behind the noise canceling headphones gives users an opportunity to experience complete silence, improved relaxation, improved performance, decreased stress, and stay focused.