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Where to buy a safe Hoverboard for sale in Ireland?

The hoverboard is popping up all over social media again as it comes to the time of year to be buying presents. There has been both good and bad reviews of the hoverboards in the news going back as far as 2015 when they were first released. The problem with the boards is that they are made in China and thus the laws there are not as strict when it comes to the safety of the electronics. The hoverboards have a lithium battery that is of course rechargeable. The Chinese companies however were placing these batteries beside the motherboard which is not a good idea. If the batteries are left charging too long they will over heat and this can then cause the motherboard to catch fire. There has been numerous reports of this happening all over the world.

Amazingly these Chinese companies are still allowed sell the hoverboards but you should stay clear of these as it is just not worth the risk. When it comes to the hoverboards for sale in Ireland there are fortunately other options. Many companies offer the option of getting the board with an original Samsung batter which is 100% safe. Sure this may cost a bit extra but you can rest assured that they are safe. After all having your house burnt down over trying to save about €30 is not a very wise decision.

There are still companies here trying to sell the Chinese brand batteries so it is important to be vigilant. Many of these companies are in fact Chinese so they are not Irish at all even though they pretend to be. In fact on some popular forums such as Boards in Ireland people were saying that they ordered from these websites and there is no way to contact the company to get a refund. They had to go to Paypal directly to claim their money back. Always buy with an Irish company. You will get a warranty and you can pick up the phone if there are any issues.