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Why everyone needs a dash cam

We recently put a dash cam into the front and rear of my car and already I have had an incident and have put the dash cam to use. In my local supermarket car park is it pretty much a free for all with peoples cars getting dented both from people reversing and also from people slamming their doors into the side of your car….this actually seems particularly common. Anyway I know that some people don’t take care, appreciate or look after their cars but that does not mean it is OK to slam your door into some elses car and then not even leave a message with your details.

So people have been encouraged to take matters into their own hands. After calling into the supermarket manager we were amazed to hear that there is in fact no CCTV in the car park. He also said that this happens several times a week with customers calling into him looking for footage. Maybe it is an idea for him to install a camera but regardless matters have been taken into our own hands. We went online and got a front and rear dash camera from https://www.dashcameras.ie. This camera records 24/7 so if anyone clips the car or slams their door into the car and don’t leave a note we will have all of their details.

I am sorry to say that the biggest culprits of this are old women. They either don’t realise they have done it or they do and don’t care. Not to bash old women but when I worked in a supermarket years ago the biggest problem were also old women who played dumb when they were caught. Sure you would think it would be groups of young lads but that is pretty obvious and they are always kept an eye on but the older women not so much.